Our colleagues at HOK architecture and design company have recently revealed their ideas on how the Apple’s new office in Silicon Valley will look like. We are proud to announce that some of our specialists also took part in designing and constructing both exterior and interior of this new outstanding office of the world’s most creative IT company.


A new Dior boutique got recently opened in New York. Designed by our company, the building is located in the luxury shopping district, alongside with then multiple galleries and cafes. The unusual form immediately catches the eye. Elegant snow-white shapes and Dior logos can be seen from far away.


This summer our team of architects and designers is starting a new global project. It will feature redesigning and constructing new boutiques across the USA. We start this project with opening a newly constructed boutique of Louis Vuitton in Miami, FL. The opening ceremony of this brand new boutique will be held on June, 15, near the South Beach.



Architex was initially designed to be a single place where homeowners could get a design of either exterior or interior for their houses. Today we think of architecture and design as an elements of an image or photograph. But unlike a photograph, architecture lives its own life. After being created by humans, each sculpture and building becomes an indispensable part of the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people.


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