Today, more than ever, it is critical that major construction projects were completed on time and on budget, but not at the expense of quality standards. Due to it, the services of a highly experienced Clerk of Works are essential.


Our constant collaboration enables us to engage in design, build, and design-build projects. 

As licensed architects and general contractors, we consider designing and making to be the same. This unique position allows us to maximize our client’s economic means by providing efficient, cost appropriate solutions to design problems that meet each project’s design intent. We are able to successfully exceed standard material and craft expectations through our intimate understanding of each subcontractor’s skill sets, our own fabricators abilities and by employing only makers with an architectural education.

Our name reflects a commitment to our evolving, exciting city and a desire to spread the innovation and creativity found in Architex to other parts of the world. We maintain both our office and shop under one roof in Architex downtown warehouse district where design, wood working, steel fabrication intersect with our clients ideas and experiences to inform each of our projects.


We work on our techniques to keep them on the front edge of the architecture.

We can provide the comfort and coziness you desire, combining it with the unique design that will entirely match you. We will take care of making your home the most peaceful and desirable place in the world for you, and don’t even doubt: we will make it in the most unique and individual way.

We know how to find the unique way to create impressive and outstanding designs.

The design developing is an interesting, yet very complicated process, requiring the attention, patience, professional skills and individual recognizable style. Our specialists will find the right approach to any client, even the most whimsical one. It is just impossible to stay unsatisfied with our work.

Developing architectural projects requires the closest attention to each detail.

You shouldn’t think that sense of the style and artistic taste would be enough to prepare and develop a professional design project. You need to have a know-how and reach experience in writing technical specifications, that are necessary for running construction and finishing works of any kind.


We are always ready to help you.

There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you the most.

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